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It was in 1997 that I started putting pen to paper for the book “My Butterfly”.   The idea came to me when I was out training for an ultra-marathon. I was running 30km through the back of the hills in Brisbane. I find that during my runs I am so at peace, I solve all my problems and my imagination runs wild. I have spent many of my spare hours in my writing room bringing my imagination to life. It wasn’t until a few years later that one of my daughters found the first 3 chapters of the book, and she asked me to finish it.

In 2008 I wrote “Two Buttons”. The same things happened while out training for hours on end my imagination would overflow and I would again come back and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

It was my goal to have both of these books published before I start “My Great Outback Adventure” in August 2015 which I am so happy to have done. I would like to Thank Jennifer & Ally, from Indiemosh Publishers, with all you help you have made my goal come true. Both of these books are now available on

My Butterfly

Gerard (a beautiful butterfly) begins his long journey. He battles hurdles like that of Mr Bainbridge’s insect collection and the elements during his quest to fulfil the dreams of his seven-year-old friend Gwen.  On his mission, Gerard not only learns the importance of life but also gains some insight to the power of love.  Follow his journey and see how dreams come true.

Two Buttons

When Running Brook finds the first of several letters inscribed on animal hides, she begins a one-sided pen-pal relationship with Tika, a young boy living in the Blunt Mountains. Years pass and one day Running Brook finds herself recounting her story to her granddaughter, Moon Glow.

Two Buttons is a story of love spread across the landscapes of nature and time