Hi, I’m Kenneth McIlwain….

…also known as Kenny Mac, Kenny Wong, Aubrey Alan and Pa Pa.

I was asked why I would even put pen to web (once was paper) and start this blog site. Simple question to which I could have raved on with some grandeur of wisdom, but that’s not me. My reason is simple, ‘we need more inspirational work and stories to be told’.

Welcome to my journey.

Future Adventures

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No Defence

The Kenny Mac Biography

No Defence is the inspirational, heartfelt memoir of one man’s extraordinary courage and determination to overcome appalling childhood abuse to create a life for himself full of personal achievement, love, generosity, incredible physical challenges and amazing feats of ultra-endurance.

But for Kenny, the biggest challenge of all was sharing his long-held secret and finally speaking up – and then to make those who so profoundly failed him accountable for their heinous and indefensible actions.

I am a survivor and I proudly support Bravehearts. If you would like to donate to my campaign you can do so HERE

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Gone Nuts – Wynyard, Tasmania 29th February 2020 1000 1000 admin
Gone Nuts – Wynyard, Tasmania 29th February 2020
No Defence 270 454 admin
No Defence
Upcoming Events – 2020 Update 428 471 admin
Upcoming Events – 2020 Update
Upcoming Events – 2020 1000 750 admin
Upcoming Events – 2020

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