About Me


Thinking of my many years as a father of 4 girls, these words come to mind: “You want to dye my hair blonde…..WTF”, “Oh My God”

It has given me a completely different direction in life – in particular I learnt that it is always good to go the way they (my girls) tell me, rather than trying to direct them.

I have been married to my wife Pam since 1978.  She is the guide, the sounding board for the girls. They have told her things that would never reach my ears.  She is always there for us all.  We now have two beautiful grandchildren, Maddie and Harry.

I look at the girls, Alanna, Emily, Elysse and Angela, I’m amazed at their loveliness.  Sharing with the girls, being there for them any time of the day, never questioning (which is sometimes painful) I have four absolutely awesome girls, now young bright women taking on the world themselves.

Our friendship is special to me.  The only rule I prescribed to the girls was, “You can do whatever you wish BUT you will suffer the consequences, either good or bad.” If the consequence was: I became cranky or you went to jail – then so be it.  Funny, I now hear the girls say that exact statement to others.

My childhood – parts of it good and parts of it bad, has given me a perspective and made me the person I am today.  Being a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather and a friend is not an easy, straight forward journey.  In the end it is what you make of it.