3053KM IN 48 DAYS

The next big adventure has been confirmed after 2 years of planning!!!!!!!

In August I am riding my mountain bike (The Northern Express) solo from Alice Springs to Alice Springs (A2A) – a circle of the Australian Central Deserts.  I will leave Alice Springs and head to Boulia, Birdsville, Marree, Oodnadatta, Finke, and back to Alice Springs.

The plan so far:

In July, I will be driving to my beloved Uluru, Northern Territory to compete in the Australian Outback Marathon for the 6th time. I will run the half-marathon this year. This will make it my 56th half-marathon.

Because I had an extra year to plan my trek, I had ample time to order the Bob trailer from the USA that I have always wished for. Now came the real planning, a day by day itinerary because I had to work out the distances, days on the road and the food I needed to carry.  Food drops via Australia Post is another handy way to have the food I like and that can keep me well fed.  This is because I couldn’t carry all the food I would need for the 28 days camping on the side of the road as I found on my previous solo cycle – Darwin to Broome.

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