Day 11 – Home Valley Station to Ellenbrae Station

Day 11 – Home Valley Station to Ellenbrae Station 2560 1920 Alanna Schultz

Hi all,

A little Kenny Mac update for you all.  I have not heard from Dad the last 2 days so I am going to assume that he has had no reception.  Must admit I may be having some withdrawal symptoms, as we have been talking so often to the lead up to the ride and during the first stages we have chatted lots.

We have been following his journey on SPOT and it looks like he has been making good progress.  We had expected him to get to Ellenbrae Station tonight but he has checked in to what looks like 30km from that point.  Not that I am stalking him but I may have spoken to Larissa, from Ellenbrae Station, and he has not yet arrived, but word is “a lady named Karen has seen him on the road and said that he was going great.”

He had planned on a rest day tomorrow at Ellenbrae so I dare say he will ride the 30 odd kms tomorrow, then enjoy the his rest day.  In saying this, we all know Kenny Mac, so anything is possible and he may be still riding there now!!

Well until I can do some more stalking or I have any more details I have put some of the great pics that he has taken over the last few days.

I will keep you updated.