Adventures 2021

Adventures 2021 1000 750 Alanna Schultz

Adventures 2021

Happy New Year and Welcome 2021.

Another year of Adventures for me….  Can’t help myself.

With Covid-19 still in our midst my plans have been somewhat curtailed, so I have gone back to the drawing board.   Apart from running for 50 days straight and with all the exercise I do to help me cope with my PTSD, I figured I might as well put it to good use. So I searched the web and here are the ideas and events I have so far to date.

I also try to arrange at least one epic trek for the year.   The epic trek this year – WELL……….  I am headed back out to cycle the Birdsville Track (north bound, only a little trek) and I may have entered an event at the front and back of it.   I will do the AOM, Australian Outback Half Marathon before I start the cycle and I will finish back in Alice Springs to do the “The Redback” MTB Race.  This year I am taking a good friend and fellow Adventurer with me as I tackle the Birdsville Track.   I then won’t have to worry about carrying extra water.

The only person who is with us our entire life, is our self, Be alive while you are alive.


Kenny Mac