Alice to Alice : Reflection Videos

Alice to Alice : Reflection Videos 1000 750 Alanna Schultz

Reflection – Videos

Over the next few blog posts I will be sharing a few small videos that I took during the ride and parts of the drive around Alice to Alice.  Because of the difficulty I had in sending photos to my Web administrator (Lan) I kept them in my MP3 and will share them with you now. A few show the dirt roads I rode on and some of the steep hills I climbed (mostly pushed).

“The weight of my gear was making it very hard; I walked about 20 of the 50 climbs today.  After climbing for 4 hours I was pushing up the ridge where you could see back at the East McDonald Ranges.”

There some comments on the videos, some of them no comments at all, I couldn’t speak, probably still in shock….ha.

Enjoy the videos

Cheers Kenny Mac