“Bum Cream”

“Bum Cream” 1920 2560 Alanna Schultz


I woke up this morning and it hit me…… only 24 days to go and the D2B (Solo Mountain Bike ride with trailer from Darwin to Broome, 1,900 kms approx, 21 days) starts.  I have to admit I did not feel calm. The words that would come to mind are anxious, nervous a tad excited but overall I could say “holy shit it is happening”.

I have always given this piece of advice to people that are getting ready for a big event. Don’t use all your fuel sources on your nervous energy before the race (on the day or the lead up). So I gave this advice to myself this morning. I have gone over my list of things to do and I have started to check one job off at a time (calmly)……

With this I thought I would share some information with you all on my “Bum Cream” Now on my page “Planning & Research” I explained that chafing may not seem like a problem however when you are riding everyday it can become not only extremely painful but can also lead to other health concerns such as Fungal Infections and Infections.

A very good friend of mine, Laurie Cavallaro is a very dedicated ultra-event man. A couple of them are The Simpson Desert MTB race and The Marathon des Sables. I have been so lucky that he has shared his advice on the best remedy for Chafing. Laurie shared his remedy with me which consists of Wool Fat, Antiseptic, Numbing and Steroid components.

With the help of my girls today we mixed up all our creams and whalllaaaa “Bum Cream” is ready.

Kenny Mac