Darwin to Broome

Darwin to Broome 700 700 Alanna Schultz

To many of you, I am probably known officially as the ‘crazy old man’. My next event, a Solo mountain bike ride from Darwin to Broome, is not just an extreme physical adventure, but is a journey of the mind body and soul. This bike ride (D2B) is where I will find the real me, I will be so far outside my comfort zone that it should bare the rawness of my soul. This is a part of my healing (My Story) because I now know that I’m not a dirty person and certainly not a bad person.

Twenty years ago I read a story of the Native American Indian Elders sending their young men out to fend for themselves in the wilderness to find direction in their lives. I feel I am in need of that direction at this moment in my life. Hey! I know I’m sixty, but I don’t think age is a barrier and of course it’s not the wilderness, but it is certainly outside my comfort zone.

Another lovely saying that typifies my bike ride, ‘Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself -Anon’.

Watch this space!

Kenny Mac