Class 3-4B

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Hi All

There were some extremely tough moments I endured on the Gibb River Road, none of which made me shed a tear. The tears came today, after swimming training this morning I was given a booklet from the youngsters of Goulburn Class 3-4 B. They have been reading my blog and watching my progress throughout the D2B journey. I was told they learnt lots from the readings; Geography (where I was in the Northern Territory and Western Australia), Maths (speed, averages and distances I travelled in a day), Health (my food and water), Writing (making the blog interesting-my job) and more.

I would often read notes Lauren sent me, and some of the comments and questions were just great. Even just thinking of the class following my journey was so inspirational to me. During some of those wicked hours spent riding through the sand and corrugations I would think of all the youngsters in class, saying “you can do it, go Kenny Mac”. They gave me encouragement and they gave me three cheers when I reached Broome.

One of the notes from Lauren Barnes

“Kenny Mac, we did 3 cheers for you today in class as we read your final blogs. We are holding our Kenny Mac Braveheart White Balloon fundraising day in a few weeks. You are an inspiration to the little boys and girls in my class.”

The entire class of 24, a very thoughtful group of youngsters, will be selling ice cream cones and book markers to raise funds for Kenny Mac’s Braveheart donation page. (Bravehearts White Balloon Day Fundraising Link Below);jsessionid=7CF35447BAAB2FEAD41F705E277D2FE4?participationRef=1225.0.257967666&diverted=true

If you can make a child feel good about themselves it’s wonderful. Making twenty four youngsters feel individually great about themselves, is a miracle. Best of all, these twenty four youngsters have made me feel special and for that I thank them, everyone one of them, I thank dearly.

There is no way I could show just a couple of the pages from the booklet the youngsters made me, so I have put them all in the gallery for you to see. Each one of the pages was not only wonderful words but absolute works of art.

Thank you Class 3-4 B

Kenny Mac

  • Dear Kenny Mac,
    Thank you for putting our pictures in the gallery for everyone to see. We are excited for you to come down to visit our school on Wednesday. We are busy planning and organising for White Balloon Day. You are awesome Kenny Mac for riding from Darwin to Broome, and never giving up when you hit the wall. Even though you had an awful childhood filled with abuse, you have bounced back and recovered from this and gone on to have a wonderful, fulfilling life. We have some questions for you on Wednesday and we are looking forward to selling ice-creams and bookmarks with you on White Balloon Day, to raise money for Bravehearts. We are so impressed with your resilience. We hope to be resilient like you.
    From 3/4B students

  • Dear Kenny Mac,

    Thank you so much for giving up your time to visit us on White Balloon Day and helping us sell ice-creams and bookmarks to raise money for Bravehearts. 3/4B raised over $250 and we are still selling the last few bookmarks.
    Thank you very much for the books and the water colour pencils. We have started reading your books and some of us have even finished one of your books. We are all loving your stories. The pencils are brilliant and we have all had a go of using them to create art and with water. Thank you for spending your money on presents for us.

    Kenny Mac – You are awesome!
    3 cheers for Kenny Mac! Hip Hip Hooray!
    THANK YOU!!!
    Best wishes from 3/4B