White Balloon Day

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Today is White Balloon Day, a day where we send the message of awareness, prevention and support.  Let us rally together and create a safer world for our kids and help other victims feel supported.

I have been touched by the response that I have received since launching my Blog site and on my return home.  I have been contacted by other survivors who have thanked me for sharing my story.  It is not easy for people to share their own traumatic experiences.  White Balloon Day to me is a day that promotes awareness and it makes you feel like you are not alone.  One of the biggest things that make survivors hide their stories is that we feel alone and unsupported.  That is the hardest part of any hidden story, to break through the feelings of being alone and thinking that no one will ever believe your story.

You all know that I rode solo from Darwin to Broome on my mountain bike.  It took me 21 days to complete the nearly 1900km.  I not only did this for myself, fighting my demons, but I also did it to raise funds and awareness for Bravehearts White Balloon Day.  This is a charity and cause that is very close to my heart.  Follow the link and donate to this amazing cause.

White Balloon Day – Kenny Mac Fundraising


Kenny Mac.