Countdown – In Single Numbers

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Packing of my Gear

Packing all the Gear

Packing of my Food

Packing all the Food


6 Days to Go

You might be thinking how I am feeling so close to “kick off”. I did expect to have my excitement factor on the higher side of the Richter scale. But, the ‘getting everything ready’ and the ‘have I forgotten anything’, nerves have been all engulfing the last few weeks.  The 3AM wakeup calls with thoughts like “Do I need a small extension cord?” (For the power at the tent site of the caravan parks) I can’t leave my gear at the power pole charging because it may disappear.  My dear mind please let me sleep……

Goodness, if I took everything I thought I might require on the trip I would need to bring a pack camel with me. Last week-end I practiced packing and I was only allowing myself to have what is essential. My family are insisting that I mail a small food parcel to Kununurra, half-way point, just before the long dirt road section. This would mean that I won’t need to carry it with me on the first part of the journey…… the jury is still out on that one.

I have this feeling that when I start the ride I’ll be totally relaxed. Knowing that I have prepared well and the realisation that if I have forgotten anything I will just get on with it because when it comes down to it, all I really need is the bike, food, water and a destination.

‘Bang and that just happened!’- A motto from Ryan Schultz (my son in law). It’s not like I’m riding around Australia as others have done before.

Chat soon,

Kenny Mac