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Wags and I

Wags and I

Friends…. without them we would be lost, with them we laugh and get through a lot of shit in our lives.

I have been saving, planning and training for this bike ride for around 14 months now. Stu Wagner (Wags), one of my great friends, who is also an ultra-runner, gave me the money to pay for my Mountain Bike Trailer. This made the very next day quite exciting, I ordered my DOM – T2 Trailer. Some of you may wonder where I got the name for my bike and trailer combo…… It was from Wags.

‘The Northern Express’ was born.

I have a little insight into our friendship for you all…..

Picture this………About 26 runners, all continually running around a 400 metre athletic track (competing in the Queensland 24 hour track race) of which 2 of them are Wags and myself. The first over-night event I ever entered.  It was around 2:00 AM, it is quite dark (lights had been dimmed), that Wags and I stopped for a meal break and drink. Eating wasn’t an issue but as your body quickly cools down some of the pain in your legs kicks in. I took a few caffeine tablets (NoDoz+) and yes, a couple of pain killers.  Wags told me that this next section of the run could be a little difficult (body and mind) and to just focus on running in small steps, but keep running. When the sun comes up your mind gets a new lease of energy.

During that last dark section of the morning, after refuelling, I put all of Wags’ advice into action and I ran like I was Hermes himself.  At times it seemed I was running at the same pace as Wags, OMG! I felt good. At the 7:30AM finish, it was announced the winner was Wags with 166 kms and I ran 121 kms. I think this proves that you can run while asleep (I must have nodded off, as I was sure I was pacing with Wags). He was named Queensland’s 24 hour champion (second year in a row).

Wags, a big thanks from Kenny Mac.