Day 15 – Mt Barnett Roadhouse to Silent Grove

Day 15 – Mt Barnett Roadhouse to Silent Grove 2560 1920 Alanna Schultz

Hi all,

So I had a missed call last night from a private number…..  And I thought to myself… if it is important they will ring back!  And he did!!  Dad rang from a pay phone from Mt Barnett Roadhouse where he is staying for the night.  He sounds really tired, which is expected, with the hard work needed in the saddle for this stage of the ride.  Gosh it was good to hear his voice…

Although really tired, he sounded really good.  He feels really good within himself and he is determined to get through the next 300 odd km to Derby and put the dirt road behind him. As of last night he was half a day behind, not to worry though he will make it up over the next week for his arrival in Broome.  It turned out really well as he was able to book into a cabin there last night and have a decent feed and shower.

I have followed him on SPOT today and he has been checking in regularly.  It looks like he is making great progress considering he rode the King Leopold ranges (which looks like hills on the map to me) today.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Dad throughout this journey and also thank all those who have donated to Bravehearts.  I have been working with Kayleen and Jason from Bravehearts to help share Dad’s story and his heartfelt adventure, and what a fantastic organisation.  We have also had a great response from local businesses in the Camden area that are also supporting this worthy cause.  If you wish to make a donation please click on the “Ken McIlwain supporting Bravehearts White Balloon Day” link below.

Ken McIlwain supporting Bravehearts White Balloon Day

I have attached some more photos from his journey, so please enjoy.

I will keep you updated


  • I can’t believe Kenny has only 4 days to go!! My class 3/4B is busy planning our ice-cream cone and bookmarks selling day to raise money for Bravehearts. Our aim is to raise more than $160.00. Kenny has become a great inspiration for all the kids in 3/4B and they are learning many lessons about resilience and how to be a champion person. They really admire you Kenny and all would love to meet you in person one day! Until then ……. get back on the bike and finish your ride. Enjoy the final hard days. xxxx