Day 17 – Arrived in Derby

Day 17 – Arrived in Derby 2560 1920 Alanna Schultz

Hi all,

I have just heard from Dad tonight.  He did exactly as we thought and soldiered on – as Dad always does.  He not only made up the half day he had lost on the horrendous dirt road but he has arrived in Derby a day earlier then expected.

It would be fitting to say that he is absolutely exhausted, but he is so happy to have made it to Derby and he is going to have 2 well deserved rest days.   Then it will be back in the saddle for 2 more days and he will reach the finish line where Mum and Emily are eagerly awaiting his arrival.

I have missed talking to him the last few days and it was just fantastic to hear from him.  I am sure he is often in all of our thoughts wondering how the crazy old man is going.  I must admit we have been logging onto SPOT way too often to make sure that he was still checking in and hoping that he was doing okay.  HUGE sigh of relief that he has made it to Derby.

I am sure you are all eagerly awaiting an update from him about his travels through the dreadful dirt track, he is going to update us all over the next few days.  Right now he is going to get some rest (in between leg and hand cramps).

I will leave this update with a little something for Dad (who I am sure will be checking on my quality of work while he has been out of service).   I am so proud and inspired by all the things that you have achieved and that you are sharing your story and this Great Outback Adventure with us all.  You come home to us safely, with your head held high and remember all the things we all love about you…


More photos for you all below.