Day 4 – Rest Day

Day 4 – Rest Day 2560 1920 Alanna Schultz

Hi all,

I am certainly enjoying my rest day here in Katherine. I did some shopping at a local grocery store, I bought bananas, a few apples and Gatorade for the next stage of the ride. The temperature has been reaching 38-39 degrees by 3 in the afternoon and stays that way for a couple of hours. I came off in the gravel yesterday, because the front wheel has no weight (all the weight is in the trailer and panniers) it loses traction sometimes. Only a few scratches and the bike is okay. So today I made my own water carrying holder for the front. I’ll find out if it works tomorrow.

It’s funny you know, while I was at the camping shop this morning I ran into my 7th ‘crazy’ person. His tent had ripped and he was buying a new one. He is towards the end of his journey riding from Adelaide to Darwin.  It has been refreshing meeting other people out on their adventure knowing that I am not the only one out there on the roads.

I’ll be starting what I call the Kenny Mac’s Big 4 in the morning, 541 kms in 4 days to Kununurra. No more 5 star caravan parks, it’s now camping out under the stars, practicing for the dirt section of Gibbs River Road. I was told there is a great camping place at Timber Creek 290 km (have emailed but no reply) and a roadhouse about 195 kms away (cold drinks will be nice).

Bye for now.

Kenny Mac

  • Hi Ken. Glad to hear from you, I was getting worried. Glad to hear you have made it to your first rest day. I am sure you will feel good and strong when you get back on the road again tomorrow. I introduced you to my class today and we will all be following your post so please use *#!!@# if you need to swear! Tomorrow 3/4B will be writing a Procedure on How To be a Champion Person like Kenny Mac.

    Materials needed:
    One body,
    One big heart
    Strength of character
    A load of effort
    As much resilience as you can develop
    A wrapping of love

    Steps will include:
    1. Doing your best
    2. Encouraging others
    3. Never giving up
    4. Learning from your mistakes
    5. Accepting life doesn’t always go your way
    6. Getting back on the seat again when you fall off your bike!

    Should be fun and the kids are already amazed by you.
    Have fun Kenny Mac

  • Hi Ken,

    Great pictures and words. Keep them coming and keep on pedaling.