Day 5 – Katherine to Buntine Hwy Turn Off

Day 5 – Katherine to Buntine Hwy Turn Off 1366 768 Alanna Schultz
The SPOT account that allows us to track Dad's progress

The SPOT account that allows us to track Dad’s progress

Hi all,

A Ken (Dad, Pa Pa) update for you all.  We expected that during this stage of the ride Dad may not have any Telstra coverage (his phone) or Optus coverage (his Surface Pro) and therefore unable to contact us.

Before Dad left he organised a SPOT account which has allowed us to login and see where he has checked in.  As you can see in the photo above he checked in twice today on his 125 km journey from Katherine to Buntine Highway turnoff.  It is at point number 7 that he had planned to camp out for the night.  We will continue to log onto SPOT over the next few days to watch his progress.

In other Amazing Kenny Mac News –

There has been a change to the link for Dad’s fundraising page with Bravehearts (The new link below).  He is now playing a part in their fundraising for the Bravehearts White Balloon Day as part of child protection week.  Braveheart’s are sharing his story (starting tomorrow) and following his journey with coverage on their digital channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

So hop onto to Braveheart’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram to see more of our amazing Kenny Mac.

I am officially excited…..



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