Day 6 – Arriving in Timber Creek

Day 6 – Arriving in Timber Creek 2560 1920 Alanna Schultz

Hi all,

I have heard from Dad tonight.  He has made it safely to Timber Creek and is “exhausted”.  He ended up riding 175 km (instead of 125) on day 5, he continued on riding until he found a safe place on the side of the road to stay for the night.  Today (day 6) he rode the final 111 km to Timber Creek where he is enjoying his soft bed!

He heads of Tomorrow (day 7) and heads to Saddle Creek (130 km) then on day 8 he will do the trek from Saddle Creek to Kununurra (126 km) where he will have a rest Day.  He will be in touch and fill us in on his travels on his rest day.

Meantime I have put some more photos that he has sent through so far below.


  • Kenny, I miss my pool lane buddy but I am in awe of what you are doing. We just returned from NT and are aware of the top end conditions but from inside a car. What you are doing is absolutely crazy but so are you. You da man! See you soon and don’t beat up too many salties.

  • Hi Lan, Thanks for being such a good secretary. You must be very proud of your Dad, he is an amazing guy.I am following him with interest. Peter Martin