Food is Fuel

Food is Fuel 640 867 Alanna Schultz

Consuming good healthy food is the fuel required to get the best performance of your muscles and run your body engine. Eating enough calories to balance your calorie output is also extremely important.  This was evident during my Darwin to Broome cycle trek where I lost 10.2 kilos. It is so easy to make mistakes on the calories you consume, I just didn’t have enough.

I have been researching foods that I can take with me for the Birdsville 4 Bravehearts cycle that are easily stored, carried and that I can easily eat after a long day riding.

I have found Radix meals that have 800 Cals, and this allows me to get at least up to 3,000 calories or more into my body each day. I spent time testing these new meals while training, they sit well in my stomach, taste really great and are quick and easy to make.

Daily food example:


  • Cup water with lemon juice
  • Black coffee, raw sugar
  • Radix breakfast (made on normal temp water)
  • Teaspoon of Vegemite
  • Cup water with an electrolyte tablet.


  • John West tuna 220g meal pack
  • An Apple
  • Cup water


  • Radix meal (made on boiling water)
  • Black tea, raw sugar
  • An Orange
  • Cup water

During the cycle I drink as much water as possible. I often stop after every 10kms and drink ½ to a full bidon (water bottle that fits on and off easily on the bike).  This breaks the ride up for me. Sometimes when I stop to take some photos I would drink more. I pack a few gels, health bars and lollies for the days ride. The lollies are good as they keep my mouth from being dry.

I will let you all know how the Radix goes after the ride.


Kenny Mac