What do I do when all my adventures have been postponed or cancelled? Easy renovate the house.

What do I do when all my adventures have been postponed or cancelled? Easy renovate the house. 750 1000 Alanna Schultz



For those who know me, you will know that I do not sit still for long.  If I am not adventuring I am madly mowing, gardening and finding things that will keep me moving and busy.

2020 was planned to be another huge year of adventure; Gone Nuts Trail run (managed to do this before lockdown started), 2 Day Cycle race in Bintan Indonesia, Trail run in Bhutan Himalayas, Australian Outback Marathon Uluru and MTB cycle the Birdsville Track.  Obviously COVID-19 had other plans for me.  There is only so many times I can mow the lawn and there is a point that I can train too much.   So…..  the answer was easy – Renovate the house.

We planned on completing the renovation over the next 12 months.  During the 4 month lock down Pam was staying over at Lan’s so I had the house to myself and the time to work my magic.

Before COVID lockdown our builder Richie Clark Building and his team had already completed the back deck, the carport and the kitchen.  But there was still lots more to be done for the house to be finished.

I started off with lots of demolition – I have mastered the jack hammer (although my shoulder did not like it). I pulled up carpet and finished off all the painting required.  I organised for a new driveway including a side and back concrete path and a path to be put in towards the front door. It all worked out great. I also installed a rainwater tank that will help water my rainforest.

The list was made up so that I could project manage as they say.

  1. Move all the furniture from the three bedrooms, rip up the carpet, paint the skirting ready for new carpet.
  2. I organised for the different tradesmen and businesses to complete the jobs that I could not do.
  3. Demolition job – Pull out all the fittings in the main bathroom and toilet. Everything to go, only walls and slab to be seen
  4. Jack hammer up all the floor tiles including the 20mm layer of floor concrete base back to the slab.
  5. Jack hammer the front porch tiles.
  6. Pull all the old laundry to bits and renew, (tub, taps, tiles and cupboards).
  7. Pull the old walk-in wardrobe out.
  8. Build an art and writing room in the garage.
  9. Arrange all the colours and types of carpets, flooring and tiles.

Another skip bin later (number 4), was filled easily. There must have been 50 or more wheelbarrow loads come from the bathroom and toilet. Including the shower screen, bath, vanity etc.

The process of furniture moving was like playing the game Tetris. Moving stuff out of the bedrooms for the carpet, then back. Move all the furniture in the rest of the house so they could lay the timber planks. OMG, I had stuff on the back deck and in the garage it was an absolute construction site, lucky I was by myself for the four months.

I had lots of interesting conversations with the tradesmen that I met during the process. At the end of each day this adventurer was exhausted.

I really enjoyed the process.  Due to lockdown and the fact that I was not off adventuring I had the time to do lots of the work myself.  I was a painter by trade and learnt a lot of the other skills by working with other trades out bush.

Even being busy with the renovations I still ventured out each morning and enjoyed taking my sunrise photos at the beach. I would fit in a run or a ride when I could.

The house is now almost complete, I renovated the ensuite and laundry myself but have our builder and his team completing the main bathroom and toilet.   This is nearly done and it will be lovely to sit back and enjoy our ‘new’ home.

What is this adventurer going to do now?

Well I can’t sit still so I am going to head off for a trek to outback NSW. Drive from Ballina to Tibooburra then cycle to Cameron Cnr & back. That’s the idea so far.

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Kenny Mac