Day 10 – Planning and repacking day Alice Springs

Day 10 – Planning and repacking day Alice Springs 1000 750 Alanna Schultz

Day 10 – Planning and repacking day Alice Springs

I woke this morning with my new plan at hand, like I said yesterday I am not going to let this accident change my goal of raising awareness.  I will drive as I would have ridden and I will continue to share my story and raise awareness and fundraising for Bravehearts. The beauty of the outback and its people are to be wondered and talked about as I continue on in this adventure.

Today is jobs day, all things that have to be done before I head off once again.

  • Get my Ute from storage and cancel the remaining time.
  • Fuel the Ute, wash the windscreen, check water etc.
  • Change the tyre pressure to 28psi, helps soften the impact from corrugations.
  • Check schedule for dates as to arrive in Boulia on the arranged date.
  • Pull apart Bike and Trailer, pack tightly into back of Ute.
  • Wash and dry all my dirty clothes.
  • Repack clothes to suit the new schedule.
  • Repack the camping gear for ease to get at when camping off site.
  • Back and leg massage.
  • Write up the last two days ride for the blog.
  • Ring Lan & Family about new decision.
  • Eat, need some nourishment have lost weight.
  • Buy some gifts for Kyle and family.
  • Cancel Tourist Park booking I had for Sep.
  • Buy top-up groceries for campsite meals etc.
  • Pack rest of bike gear and clothes.
  • Rest and sleep.

All finished by 7:30pm.

With heading off tomorrow I will have no phone/Wi-Fi coverage for the 2 days.

Cheers Kenny Mac